Zero Fatalities, A Goal We Can All Live With
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  • What's Your Goal?

    When we asked Iowans this question, the numbers were all over the place. But when you bring it down to a personal level and ask what's an acceptable number of fatalities for your family and friends? Well, everyone has the same answer—Zero Fatalities. That's why Zero Fatalities is Iowa's traffic safety goal.

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  • Kirk Ferentz is a Zero

    The University of Iowa's football coach, Kirk Ferentz, supports Zero Fatalities as a goal for his family and team. Shouldn't you?

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  • ISU coach Bill Fennelly supports Zero Fatalities Iowa

    Iowa State University women's basketball coach, Bill Fennelly, supports Zero Fatalities as a goal for his family and team. Shouldn't you?

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  • ISU coach Fred Hoiberg supports Zero Fatlaities Iowa

    Iowa State University men's basketball coach, Fred Hoiberg, supports Zero Fatalities as a goal for his family and team. Shouldn't you?

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A Goal We Can All Live With

Zero Fatalities is Iowa's safety goal. Most crashes are caused by human error and can be avoided. Fatal crashes can be prevented. They are not inevitable. We've identified some of the most dangerous things that are killing people on Iowa's roads. They are speeding, driving impaired, driving distracted, driving drowsy and not buckling up. We don't have to convince people that Zero Fatalities is a good goal. Everyone already has that goal for themselves and their loved ones. If every family focused on these five behaviors, chances are, they'll get to Zero Fatalities as well.

  • Slow down
  • Drive sober
  • Focus on the road
  • Stay alert
  • Buckle up. Every seat, every time

2015 Iowa Traffic
Fatalities to Date:


Slow Down:

Most behaviors associated with aggressive driving are not only illegal, they put you and those on the road around you in danger. Slow down, stay calm and leave plenty of room between you and other vehicles.

Drive Sober:

Alcohol is not the only thing that can impair your driving. Illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter medicines can all affect your ability to make safe-driving decisions. Stay sober if you plan to be behind the wheel.

Focus on the Road:

Distractions are everywhere. Texting, eating, grooming, daydreaming, talking to others in the car, music and trying to figure out the route to your destination are all distractions that take your focus off the task of driving.

Stay Alert:

Up to 20 percent of Iowa's population works non-traditional hours, which can lead to more sleepy drivers. Drowsy driving crashes tend to happen late at night on high-speed roads when the driver is alone in the vehicle. Drive alert.

Please Buckle Up:

It takes most people the equivalent of 11 minutes per year to buckle up every trip. But wearing your seat belt improves your chances of survival in a crash by nearly 70 percent. Buckle up to keep you, your passengers and other drivers safe.

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