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    The University of Iowa's football coach, Kirk Ferentz, supports Zero Fatalities as a goal for his family and team. Shouldn't you?
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    Iowa State University men's basketball coach, Fred Hoiberg, supports Zero Fatalities as a goal for his family and team. Shouldn't you?
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  • Iowa Basketball Coach McCaffery supports Zero Fatalities
    University of Iowa men's basketball coach Fran McCaffery suports Zero Fatalities Iowa for his team and his family. Shouldn't you?

A Goal We Can All Live With

Zero Fatalities – sounds like an impossible goal unless you think about it one person or one crash at a time.  A recent study showed 99 percent of  crashes are caused by human error. Had each person causing a crash changed one or more behaviors, that crash would have been avoided.  Crashes, including those causing fatalities, are not inevitable. We’ve identified some of the most dangerous behaviors that are killing people on Iowa’s roads. They are speeding, driving impaired, driving distracted, driving drowsy, and not buckling up.

We don’t have to convince people that zero fatalities is a good goal. Everyone already has that goal for themselves and their loved ones. If every family focused on these five behaviors, together we can reach zero fatalities. 

2015 Iowa Traffic Fatalities to Date


2014 Statistics

lives lost from speeding / aggressive driving
lives lost from impaired driving
lives lost from distracted driving
lives lost from drowsy driving
lives lost from not buckling up

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