Message Monday

Fulfill your destiny – buckle up

Wherever you are, you have a reason to be there. Maybe you want to see your family or buy a sweater or see a movie or look at Christmas lights – whatever your reason, you likely have a destination or purpose in mind whenever you get behind the wheel.

Ok, so driving around looking at Christmas lights might not be your “destiny,” but unless you make it home safely when you’ve had your fill of the Griswold’s holiday display, you might never find that loftier purpose in life.

Did you know about more than 100 people who died in Iowa crashes this year would likely have survived if they had been wearing seatbelts? Think about that. Two seconds to click a seat belt can make all the difference.

First order, porgs and more. Fulfill your destiny –

The fatality count of 314 is an increase of 10 since last Monday. In all of 2016, 402 people were killed on Iowa highways. To see statistics published daily by the Office of Driver Services, go to the daily fatality report at

December 11, 2017