Message Monday

Just like mom hugs, seat belt hugs save lives

With Mother’s Day in the rear view mirror, we’re reminded of the small things in life that can have a huge impact. A mother’s caring touch in a time of need can provide just the right amount of support to get you through a rough patch in life.

But, your mom can’t be with you everywhere, especially as you leave the nest and set out to make a life of you own. While you may be facing the world without your mom, there’s still some simple things you can do to make your life safer. Taking two seconds to fasten your seatbelt is one of those.

Here’s one of our all-time favorite videos. Embrace life!

The fatality count of 93 is an increase of four since last Monday. Preliminary number show that in all of 2016, 404 people were killed on Iowa highways. To see statistics published daily by the Office of Driver Services, go to

May 15, 2017