Message Monday

Life is a highway – drive safely all day long

Ever feel like you spend most of your time in the car? Data shows the longest commute time in Iowa is by those who live in Guthrie county with an average commute time of 27.3 minutes.

While commuters in other parts of the country would laugh at Iowans talking about commute times like that as a problem, it only takes a second behind the wheel for something to go terribly wrong.

Following these five guidelines will go a long way to keeping you and your passengers, as well as others on the road, safer.

  1. Buckle up – every seat, every trip
  2. Pay attention
  3. Drive sober
  4. Stay alert
  5. Slow down

Got the song in your head yet? Choose your version:

1 – Rascal Flatts (from Cars) –

2 – Tom Cochrane –

3 – Chris LeDoux –

For 2018, there have been eight fatalities reported. The 2017 fatality stands at 331. This is subject to change as law enforcement reports are completed. To see statistics published daily by the Office of Driver Services, go to the daily fatality report at

January 15, 2018