Message Monday

March Madness? Keep aggression on the court

Being aggressive when driving to the basket is a way to win on the court. Being aggressing while driving on the road could end your life.

Aggressive behaviors like going faster than everyone else, weaving, staying close to those around you and never yielding to traffic are admirable on the basketball court, but not on the highway.  

Just like a basketball game, having a game plan can help you win on the road. By planning ahead, you’ll be able to take your time and be more relaxed. If you’re not stressed, you’ll be less likely to respond negatively to others who are driving aggressively.

There’s troubling research that finds a startling 56-percent of all fatal accidents in the United States involve at least one form of aggressive driving. –

For 2018, there have been 50 fatalities reported. That’s an increase of one since last Monday. To see statistics published daily by the Office of Driver Services, go to the daily fatality report at

March 12, 2018