Message Monday

You’re not the best driver in the galaxy – slow down

Light speed isn’t necessary for any terrestrial trip you’ll be taking. Good as you may be, you’re not the best driver in the galaxy.

More than 25 percent of the traffic fatalities in the United States have speed as a factor, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

One risky behavior may lead to another. Did you know that 50 percent of speeding passenger vehicle drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2016 weren’t wearing seat belts at the time of the crash?

So whether you’re going home to Humeston, Iowa or the planet Corelllia, two easy ways to make it there safely – slow down and buckle up.

This should be the only acceptable way to experience hyperdrive –

For 2018, there have been 101 fatalities reported. That’s an increase of nine since last Monday. To see statistics published daily by the Office of Driver Services, go to the daily fatality report at

May 21, 2018