Transcript – split second

Counselor: Would you like something to drink, Jordan?
Jordan: Water is fine, thanks.
Counselor: So, walk me through what happened again.
Jordan: How is this supposed to help me? I can’t go back and change anything.
Counselor: Jordan, why are you here?
Jordan: You know exactly why I’m here.
Counselor: I know that the courts recommend counseling, I know that your parents are very concerned about you. You know, getting our thoughts out in the open can sometimes help us understand our feelings better.
Jordan: I understand my feelings just fine.
Counselor: Ok… let’s move on. How has life at school been going?
Jordan: Same as usual I guess. People look at me differently. I don’t blame them. I would too.
Counselor: Differently, how?
Jordan: I don’t know. Like a murderer. Is that what you want me to say?
Counselor: Jordan, you have to understand, I’m just here to help. How have classes been going?
Jordan: It’s getting harder to focus on things. I can’t stop thinking about it every time I touch my phone or walk down the halls. I can’t imagine how that family feels.
Counselor: How do you feel?
Jordan: Look, I know your job is to help people with their feelings, but you can’t fix this.
Counselor: Jordan, my goal is not to fix you or what happened. What’s done is done. I’m here to help you live with it.
Jordan: How am I supposed to live with it? I killed another human being. Why am I the ones who’s still here?
– Glass falls to the ground
– Crashing noises