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Message Monday is a term that is becoming more and more familiar to Iowans as they travel our state’s highways to begin each week. Message Monday refers to the Iowa Department of Transportation use of it’s wide network of dynamic message boards on state highways to display safety messages and the current highway fatality county. The program began Aug. 5, 2013. 

The messages hit on general highway safety and the five  specific areas where drivers can make the most difference in driving down the number of fatalities: buckle up, slow down, pay attention, be alert and drive sober. 

The messages are a mixture of:

  • pop culture references
    • Road rage, let the Wookie win
    • Not buckled, you’re killing me Smalls
    • Don’t press your luck, no whammies!
    •  Is this heaven? No it’s Iowa. Drive safely 
  • holiday messages
    • Ho Ho Ho, buckle up and go
    • Halloween is near. Don’t be a crash test dummy
    • Buckling up can save your giblets 
  • thought-provoking statements
    • Get your head out of your apps
    • Kids drive like their parents
    • Not buckled? What’s holding you back?
    • What would they do without you? Drive safely

All the messages are followed by a “back story” that explains the messages on the Zero Fatalities blog, ZF Facebook and Twitter feeds. Each week’s treatise is  designed to start conversations related to highway safety. 


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