Drive Safely

Let’s face it—we’ve all made bad decisions behind the wheel at one time or another. We’re human, after all. But those human errors cause 94 percent of crashes on our roads and it’s got to stop. So when you’re behind the wheel, quit driving like a dip$#&! and be safe.

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94 percent of crashes can be tied back to human error.

Source: NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts

Don’t get behind the wheel when you’re buzzed – DRIVE SOBER

Driving while buzzed—drunk or high? That stings. Every 51 minutes, someone in the United States dies from a drunk-driving crash. If you have a friend making dip$#%! decisions on the road, let them know by sending them this video. See other safety tips here.

Don’t get cocky behind the wheel – SLOW DOWN

Women, you’re not totally off the hook here, but statistics show twice as many men die in speeding crashes. To narrow it down, we’re talking about young men ages 15-34, typically on rural (non-interstate) roads. No one needs you to be there two minutes sooner—slow down. See other safety tips here.

Don’t be a jack@$$ – FOCUS ON THE ROAD

We all know that jack@$$ who can’t put down their phone while driving. But did you know if you text and drive, you’re just as dangerous as someone who is drunk or high? There’s nothing on your phone that’s more important than your life. See other safety tips here.

Don’t be a $#%!head – BUCKLE UP

No one likes a $#%!head. In car crashes, unbuckled passengers can become projectiles and increase the risk of hurting or killing others in the car by 40 percent. You can reduce fatalities on Iowa roads simply by buckling up. Buckle up—every seat, every time—and keep your @ss in your seat. See other safety tips here.

Wake the #$@& up – STAY ALERT

Feeling sleepy on the road? Wake the %$#@ up! If you average six hours or less of sleep, you’re three times as likely to crash your car. We are all responsible for keeping Iowa roads safe. Let’s all stay awake and stay alive today. See other safety tips here.