It’s Not a Race – Enjoy the Ride

Two Thirds of car crashes...
Of all traffic fatalities, two out of three involve behaviors associated with aggressive driving
The average cost of an aggressive driving fine is $195
Up to $402
A speeding ticket can cost anywhere between $92 to $402

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, getting there a few minutes late isn’t worth your life. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, two-thirds of all traffic fatalities involve behaviors commonly associated with aggressive driving. Although speeding is the most common behavior, anything that places other people, vehicles, or property at risk is considered aggressive driving. Most actions connected with aggressive driving are illegal. For example:

Slow Down Speeding
Stop Light
Running a red light
Stop Sign
Failing to stop
Yield Sign
Failing to yield
Tailgating vehicles
Weaving Vehichle

It’s easy to see these actions on a page and condemn them, but the truth is these behaviors probably sound familiar. That’s why it’s so important to remember to slow down and be watchful of those around you.

A Familiar Routine

Imagine this: You’re 10 minutes late for work and decide to drive a little over the speed limit to make up some time. You’re minutes from work when you see a signal light up ahead of you turn yellow. You’re already late and so you step on the gas. You really weren’t close enough to make it, but there’s no time to spare. Your heart begins to race as you fly through the intersection just after the light turns red.

This is just one example that happens every day. Sometimes there is no crash and everyone goes about their business like nothing ever happened. Sometimes that red light is the last thing a person ever sees.

It’s a Law Not a Suggestion

  • Tickets for most aggressive behaviors, like unsafe passing, tailgating, failure to obey signals and signage will result in a $195 fine.
  • Fines for speeding vary from $92 to $402 while violations in roadwork zones could be double.
  • Use of a radar-jamming device is illegal and carries the fine of $195.
  • A license can be suspended for several reasons related to aggressive driving such as reckless driving, excessive speeding, or numerous traffic violations.
  • If deemed a habitual offender in a six-year period, a license can be barred for two to six years.