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Knowing is the First Step

Knowing what driving behaviors need to change is a precursor to being able to decrease fatalities and major injuries on Iowa’s roadways. Approximately 90 percent of crashes are behavior related for all age groups. Crashes by teens are often due to in experience. Conversely, mature drivers often take risks that result in a crash because they don’t understand the impact and consequences of those risks. Therefore,  the primary role of the Zero Fatalities program is devoted to educating drivers, whether experienced or inexperienced. 

Message Mondays

Get your head out of your apps

By regularly posting the potential impacts of risky driving behaviors on dynamic message signs across Iowa we have provided added motivation to drive safely, as well as succinct tips. 

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Community Outreach

Anything more than zero is unacceptable. Engaging Iowans face-to-face and illustrating why Zero Fatalities is the only goal is an important priority for us. Furthermore, we will educate Iowa citizens on the five behaviors they can improve upon to save the lives of themselves, their family, their friends and even strangers.

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We meet with larger traffic safety groups at conferences, such as the Governor’s Transportation Safety Bureau Conference and the Driver’s Education Conference, to educate audiences about the Zero Fatalities goal and the five behavioral areas. We persuade them to integrate the Zero Fatalities messaging within their efforts. 

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