image of an Iowa road

Engineering Safer Roads

We want to make it as easy as possible to drive safe in Iowa. As such, we research, design and implement many different roadway safety advancements. Whether it is effective and consistent signage, improved intersections or even advanced roadway technology and tools for vehicles and pedestrians, we are always looking for ways to improve safety, and ultimately save lives on Iowa’s roads. For example, 51% of severe crashes stem from lane departures. Extra attention has been given recently to improving safety for this issue.

Median Cable Barriers

By placing cable barriers in medians of divided highways, we’ve been able to prevent many cross median crashes. The barriers shields oncoming traffic from lane departure, lessening the severity of these kind of crashing. These cable barriers are also more forgiving than concrete (Jersey) or steel barriers, and allow the impact energy to be dispersed laterally. While these cross median crashes are some of the most dangerous, cable barriers help prevent and lessen the danger.

Safety Edges

Rumble strips are also paramount to prevent lane departures. By placing the strips along the center line of the road and on the edge line of the road, it adds an extra warning to drivers before they cross lanes and potentially cause a crash.